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Why Susan Is Different

Susan Lakatos has a unique ability to get to the root cause of an issue, cross silos, and bring all four disciplines -- business, psychology, creativity and mindfulness -- to solve challenges once and for all.

Organizations often spend enormous time and money fixing problems, only to find the "solution" didn't solve the problem. 


They're seeing and treating the symptoms instead of getting to the root cause.


That's because the root cause of the problem and the symptom that draws management's attention to it are often in different domains. A financial symptom might have a root cause in underlying group dynamics, or need a creative new approach. An innovation challenge might result from an inadvertent financial incentive, a mental road block, or just too much noise to hear the signal. 


Business issues cross disciplines. But most experts are siloed, and can't cross disciplines. They focus on the symptom in their domain, but can't address the root cause that requires different knowledge to diagnose and different expertise to solve. People who are trained as hammers see every problem as a nail. So symptoms get treated over and over again, but the root cause never gets noticed. 

Susan Lakatos brings the full tool kit -- the extraordinary cross-disciplinary background and expertise to bring a comprehensive, insightful and effective perspective -- and solution -- to the challenges facing organizations in today's complex and interconnected world.

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