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What Susan Can Do for Your Organization

Susan Lakatos combines business expertise with creativity, psychology with mindfulness, and brings all four disciplines together to solve the complex problems facing businesses in today's highly interconnected and competitive global environment.


Many organizational issues remain undiagnosed and untreated because their causes are complex and interdisciplinary, but the consultants brought into treat them are siloed and focused on a specific symptom. The result: root causes go undiscovered and unadressed, and problems keep coming back.



Susan approaches business problems with the creativity and innovative thinking of a trained artist, but grounds her analysis in core business skills gained both in her MBA in Management from Columbia University and her more than 20 years working both in and with the most respected firms on Wall Street.



Susan has extensive insight into the people aspect of decisions, honed through formal training including an MA in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University. Her more than 25 years as a practitioner of meditation and mindfulness enables her to bring unique depth to her analysis, combining people with numbers, creativity with business constraints, to create a comprehensive and cohesive approach to the complex issues facing today's business. 


Susan is able to look at an issue through all four facets -- business expertise, creativity, psychology and mindfulness -- to provide cutting-edge solutions to complex and challenging problems.


Susan Lakatos has an extraordinary ability to "get to the root of the problem," to understand and solve complex issues that have resisted resolution, and innovate creative solutions to intractable problems. She is a far-sighted thinker able to discern long-range outcomes of near-term actions and use that analytic ability to recognize and prevent undesirable and unintended consequences. 


Susan has more than 10 years experience working one-on-one with organizational leaders and professional staff to achieve tangible objectives, both for their own success and on behalf of their organizations. She is a certified Leadership Coach, a graduate of the Georgetown Universitty Leadership Coaching Program and certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). 


Susan provides start-to-finish training solutions, customized for the unique needs of the client organization, from initial needs assessment through completed course delivery. Her extensive expertise includes authorship, instructional design, development of course materials and related course assets, pre- and post-course assessment, and course instruction.


Susan is expert in all modes of instructional delivery, including both live and online, as well as blended solutions and train-the-trainer. She designs and runs training programs of all sizes, from individual training for key personnel to face-to-face courses with up to 250 participants per class. She has designed and delivered online and blended course solutions for up to 12,000 participants globally. 


Susan has more than twenty years of experience as a public speaker, including numerous nationwide television interviews, live on-air. She has spoken to audiences of business and organizational leaders, in both public and private venues, across Europe, North America and Asia. Susan has shared the podium with such luminaries as Federal Reserve Chairs Janet Yellen and Alan Greenspan.